StoraXe Rack System – SRS series


StoraXe-Rack-System – System

Lithium-ion battery storage systems Industrial & Infrastructure
GrunBlitz product portfolio addresses the area of larger systems and infrastructures. Powers and storage capacities cover ranges between 50 kW/50 kWh and multiple MW/MWh. The modular structure and the comprehensive IT management system provide a system with nearly unlimited scaling.

StoraXe-Rack-System Use cases
Limiting the power consumption from the public grid

  • Proportional supply of dynamic loads from storage
  • Fixed or dynamic limiting of the power consumption

Limiting the feed-in power into the public grid
With the help of the storage,the power fed into the grid can be limited according to a dynamic trend or by a fixed value. In this way, feed-in directives can be satisfied or personal operating strategies implemented

Optimisation of own consumption
The self-produced energy is distributed overtime with the aid of the storage system in such a way that the desired percentage of produced energy is directly consumed by oneself and is not fed back into the grid

UPS and isolated function

  • Black start capacity and network formation by the system
  • Online UPS supply of consumers in the event of power failure
Grid services

  • Power bank / local storage
  • Frequency, voltage, power factor correction
  • Primary and secondary control power

Safety is always in the foreground

  • Safety and formal certifications/standards are very important at Grunblitz. This begins with the cell and continues with the modules and the complete system
  • Data security and access protection are also extremely important. An integrated hardware firewall including router and a security concept that is based on hardware certificates offer modern, recognised and tamperproof protection
StoraXe storage solutions

  • Scalable battery system
  • Voltages can be determined from the number of series-connected modules
  • Battery string« or »battery cluster« consisting of several parallel strings
  • Supplied as storage components or as a complete system with power electronics (inverter)
  • Optional:Design support and energy management software

Power electronics and inverters Various combinations from renowned manufacturers
Power electronics and inverters Various combinations from renowned manufacturers Battery systems from Grunblitz can be combined with all common converters. This allows Grunblitz battery systems to be connected directly to lowvoltage and medium-voltage mains networks. Typical power ranges are 50 kW

Peak load capping
Reduce operating energy costs by cutting load peaks.
Emergency power supply
Provision of power in the event of an interruption of the mains supply.
Primary control power
For the power supply to work everywhere, the grid frequency must always be constant.
Microgrid (Off-Grid)
For a self-sufficient power supply independent of the higher-level power grid.
EV charging
At limited power grid for optimal charging infrastructure.


For centralized and decentralized energy management
From the OFFLINE version of a decentralized single system to complex ONLINE-coupled interconnection systems. With the Grunblitz platform Big-LinX® Energy, the energy management system is scalable for every application.

Technical Data

StoraXe-Rack-System – System

SRS0054 SRS0075 SRS0112
System System Type DC battery storage system
Control / functions Grunblitz slave interface, others on request
Network connection Ethernet, RJ45
Inverters Not integrated, compatible devices on request
Battery storage Battery technology Lithium-ion Lithium-ion Lithium-ion
Nominal energy content 54.3 kWh 74.7 kWh 111.4 kWh
Capacity 68 Ah 94 Ah 159 Ah
Operating voltage range 583.2 V to 907.2 V 583.2 V to 907.2 V 518.4 V to 806.4 V
DC current (continuous) 170.0 A 94.0 A 300.0 A
Battery Cells* Cell Manufacturers Samsung SDI Samsung SDI SK Innovation
Cell Capacity 68 Ah 94 Ah 53 Ah
Cell chemistry Lithium-NMC Lithium-NMC Lithium-NMC
Specified cycles up to 80% Residual Capacity 6.000 (1C/1C at 23°C @ 80% DOD) 5.000 (1C/1C at 23°C @ 80% DOD) 13.000 (2C/2C at 23°C @ 80% DOD)
Expected life cycle 20 years 20 years 20 years
General data Installation location Indoors Indoors
Temperature range 10 to 30 ° C 10 to 30 ° C
Humidity <90 %, non-condensing <90 %, non-condensing
Protection class
Rack IP20 IP20
Cabinet IP43 IP43
Dimensions W x H x D
Rack 1,050 x 2,370 x 750 mm 1.050 x 2.370 x 750 mm
Cabinet 1,200 x 1,700 x 750 mm 1.800 x 1.700 x 750 mm
Rack Approx. 750 kg Approx. 1.500 kg
Cabinet Approx. 840 kg Approx. 1.650 kg
Guarantee of current market value (battery cells) up to 10 years up to 10 years
Normen EMC: EN 61000-6-2:2005 + Cor.:2011; EN 61000-6-4:2007 + A1:2011
Safety (functional and electrical): EN 50272-1:2010; EN 50581:2012
Transport: UN 38.3 Transport instruction for lithium batteries
Grid line: VDE-AR-E-2510-2


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